Canada and Reputable Online News Essay

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Geist, M. (2012, June 6). What’s behind Canada's entry to the Trans-Pacific partnership talks Retrieved 2013, from Toronto star website:


C: the issue doesn't change along the time, so the article fits in current standard. R: the article discusses the issue directly. A: Toronto Star is a reputable online news site and the author of this article earned Doctorate degree in university.

A: The article is legible and free of grammar mistake.

P: The article intended to illustrate the disadvantage of Canada joining TPP.

Summary and useable points:

It is unnecessary for Canada join the TPP because “Canada already has free trade agreements with the U.S., Mexico, Chile, and Peru. That leaves just six countries, which currently represent less than one per cent of Canadian exports.” Canada was forced to accept tough conditions as a cost to join TPP. For example, Canada had no “veto authority” over any chapter and could not add any provision on the agreement.

Shaw, G. (2012, June). Canadians Internet users could face draconian restrictions as result of Pacific trade talks.
Retrieved 2013, from VANCOUVERSUN.COM website:…