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RE: Canada Goose Inc.: At a Retail Crossroads


Canada Goose Inc, a market leader in the luxury sport jacket industry, is renowned for its style and fashion during the winter season and is featured in over 150 independently owned retailers and more recently, in the Athletic Legends Sportswear. In addition to being sold online by two authorized dealers, Canada Goose products have also been placed in a number of countries and have had outstanding results in the European market. It had always been a successful niche brand and now under the leadership of Dani Reiss, is poised for expansion.

With two distribution offers by very prominent high-end national chains, Asmuns Place, a leading fashion specialty store
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With Asmuns mid-week shoppers tend to be mainly affluent women, it would be an ideal outlet to reach this market segment. Reiss should not agree to exclusivity as this will limit the company’s reach and eventually hamper its growth. If they do not agree to non-exclusivity, Reiss could perhaps seek an alliance with another high-end chain to be a distributor of Canada Goose products

With 20 locations across Canada, securing a contract with Levine’s Menswear would not only allow for Canada Goose to expand, but this partnership would also align with the company’s objective of maintaining its premium brand image, especially as prices tended to be higher in Levine’s than at similar stores. And even though Levine’s intends to grow to 40 stores, this should not deter Reiss in taking advantage of this opportunity as its warehouse can accommodate expansion in the future. This therefore should be planned for so that as Levine’s grows, Canada Goose would be able to supply its needs.

The expressed interest in carrying special prototypes should be also be explored as it another opportunity to sell these types of products that were not traditionally ordered by the independently owned retailers. This can allow Reiss to spend more focusing on the development of special prototypes including other jackets which can be worn outside of the cold weather times.

Although Reiss