Canada Growing Independence Essay

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Canada’s Growing Independence
Treaty of Versailles
1919 – victorious countries met in Versailles for peace treaty
Britain suggested they should represent Canada as it was part of their empire
Canada argued it should participate and sign the treaty on its own because of its extensive contribution to the war
First international agreement that Canada signed independently of Britain
League of Nations
After WWI, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson helped set up League of Nations to settle future disputes between countries
Created in 1920 it was fairly ineffective at solving international disputes
But it was the first international body in which Canada represented itself
Chanak Affair
After WWI, Britain maintained troops in Turkey to keep waterway open
1922- Turkish army threatened to force Britain out
Britain called for support from colonies including Canada
Prime Minister Mackenzie King argued Canada’s parliament must be consulted but they were not in session at the time
Therefore, they could not send troops or volunteers
King stated that Canada’s foreign policy would not be dictated by British government anymore
Halibut Treaty
1923 – Was an agreement over fishing rights signed between Canada and the U.S.
Symbol of the importance of the relationship between Canada and the U.S.
Signed by the Minister of Fisheries on Canada’s behalf
Made it the first economic agreement signed by a Canadian rather than a British official
Foreign Embassies
Prior to the 20’s, Canadians in foreign countries would go to the British Embassy if they needed help
In the 20’s, Canada started building their own embassies in foreign countries
The first one was in the U.S.
This is the continuing international recognition of Canada as an independent nation
Statute of Westminster
In 1931, statute of Westminster officially recognized the right of Canada to make its own foreign policy making it an