Essay on Canada in the 1900s vs. Now

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Canada in the 1900’s V.S. Canada Now Since ancient times the human race has always been looking for new ways to improve. However, the nature of our human existence is the same. Since the early 1900s, Canada has been constantly developing and changing. This glorious country has gone from a small community of farmers to a nation of prosperous businessmen in nothing but a hundred years. This great feat was accomplished because of the economy, advertising, and immigration. Firstly, Canada has changed because of the economy. Canada’s economy started to grow once the motor car was introduced. The Ford Motor Company revolutionized manufacturing with the invention of the assembly line. The assembly line was effective because it enabled its operators to efficiently and effectively manufacture products. Also, Canada’s economy grew larger with Charles Saunders’ development of marquis wheat. This wheat created such a large crop yield that more trains and railway lines had to be built in order to transport all the grain. Because of this, there was a large demand on secondary industries in Canada which created more jobs and ultimately nurtured the economy into what it is today. Another reason that Canada has changed since the early 1900s is because of the introduction of advertisements. Advertisements boosted many things in Canada, such as the economy and the influx of immigrants. In one advertisement, Canada is presented as being “the new Eldorado”. Advertisements like these were very appealing to immigrants and caused many people from around the world, such as China, to come to Canada. This is also one of the reasons why Canada is so culturally diverse. Finally, Canada has changed since the 1900s because of immigration. In the second decade of the 1900s, many immigrants were flooding into Canada from all parts of the world. Canada welcomed these immigrants with open arms because it knew that they could make them work hard and pay them very little. One of the most renowned cases of this