Canada In The Victorian Era Essay

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Canada in the Victorian Era In a world where birth and money define every aspect of one's life, is the world that Canadians once lived in. This was life for most in the Victorian Era all over the world. How one was born and how much money one may have is what determined the next steps of the life a Canadian might have had. Much like England, Canada’s way of life was focused on the historical aspect that created the country and the social class of a Canadian. Canada's connection to Britain was the fact it was a called a Britain possession until the mid-1800s. The mid-1800s, more specifically, 1861, is when Canada was granted independence (Bloomberg). Also during the 1800s, British colonies were spread throughout the country (Brief). The United States declared war on Britain and battles invaded the quiet country of Canada. This was …show more content…
Although the rebellions were unsuccessful, it still impacted Canada enough for Lord Dunham to review the government. (Brief) After the review of the government, it was decided that a more responsible government was much needed. He also considered that the upper and lower Canada be united. A war was also brought on in the United States and Americans invaded Canada (Greenspan.) The Battle of Queenston Heights took place and Canada had a victorious win! This helped not only shape the government that Canada has today but also the reason Canada is the way it is! Another significant moment in the Canadian history of the Victorian Era was the fact that the United States and Canada border was finally defined (Brief). The accomplishment of the border happened on 1818. The government created after the rebellions were the most probable cause of why Canadians depended so much on their economic class. The more responsible government caused citizens to focus on those kinds of