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Canada Place is an inviting destination for all visitors, a hub of economic activity and a source of Canadian pride.

Canada Place is a building situated on the Burrard Inlet waterfront of Vancouver, British Columbia. It is the home of the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver's World Trade Centre, and the world's first permanent IMAX 3D theatre (which ceased operation on October 1st 2009). The building's exterior is covered by fabric roofs resembling sails. It is also the main cruise ship terminal for the region, where most of Vancouver's famous cruises to Alaska originate. The building was designed by architect Eberhard Zeidler in joint venture with MCMP and DA Architects + Planners. Canada Place can be reached via the SkyTrain line at the nearby Waterfront Station terminus or via West Cordova Street in Vancouver. The white sails of the building have made it a prominent landmark for the city, as well as drawing comparisons to the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia and the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado. The structure was expanded in 2001 to accommodate another cruise ship berth. In 2009, a companion building immediately to the northwest was completed which, like Canada Place, contains additional Convention Centre facilities as well as served as the International Broadcast Centre for the 2010 Winter Olympics while Canada Place served as the Main Press Centre.


Canada Place was built on the land which was originally the Canadian Pacific Railway's Pier B-C. Built in 1927, its primary purpose was to serve CPR and other shipping lines trading across the Pacific Ocean.[2]
In 1978 Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments commenced planning for development of convention, cruise ship and hotel facilities. Four years later, the Government of Canada created a crown corporation, Canada Harbour Place Corporation (now known as Canada Place Corporation), to develop the Canada Place project on the Pier B-C site. Construction began when HM Queen Elizabeth II arrived on the royal yacht Britannia with The Right Hon. Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and The Hon. William R. Bennett, Premier of BC to initiate the first concrete pour.
During Expo ’86, the Canada Pavilion at Canada Place was opened by HRH Prince Charles and The Right Hon. Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada. Among the largest and most elaborate pavilions presented by any nation at any World's Fair, the Canada Pavilion hosted more than 5 million visitors prior to the October 13, 1986 closing date. The Canada Pavilion is acknowledged as one of the best-ever host nation pavilions at a world exposition[citation needed].
The landmark that today is Canada Place is dedicated by the Government of Canada to the people of Canada and the world, who will visit and enjoy the many features of this unique project. Canada Place Corporation (CPC), a Crown agent, continues to act as the coordinating landlord for Canada Place facilities.


1927 Construction of Pier B-C was completed
June 2, 1982 Canada Harbour Place Corp (CHPC) formed
March 9, 1983 Start of construction
Sept. 5, 1984 First sail raised
Oct. 27, 1984 Last sail raised
Jan. 5, 1986 Pan Pacific Hotel official opening
May 2, 1986 Canada Pavilion, World's Fair Expo ‘86 opening
July 4, 1987 Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre