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Canada vs. America Which One’s Better
In 2012 Reputation Institute did a study on ranking countries based upon peoples trust. The country in the number one spot was of course Canada, the spot America was placed in was 23rd. Canada and America are two similar countries, as long as they have both existed the question of “which one is better?” Has existed. Today I have come to answer that question. In my opinion Canada is a far superior country than America because of our health care, the people that live here, and the better quality of living. The first reason why Canada is better than America is our free healthcare. Universal healthcare is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived it’s publically funded, there are no financial barriers so someone with a small amount of money gets the same healthcare as someone who has an abundance of money. Now isn’t that better than paying excessive amounts of money for a surgery or a hospital trip. Canada doesn’t have health coverage plans like America does, these plans segregate people because they are based upon where someone lives, how old they are, where they work, and how much one can spend on healthcare. What this means is that someone who lives below the poverty line or someone who work’s minimum wage jobs won’t be able to get the health care they deserve all because they are stuck in a crappy situation. Free health care is a clear reason as to why Canada is the better country than America.

The second reason why Canada is better than America is that the people who live in Canada are better. As we all know a big stereotype about Canadians is that we always say sorry and it’s true we always do say sorry. It’s been proven by the university of Waterloo, saying sorry boosts happiness and makes relationships stronger.The biggest stereotype about Americans is that they’re all fat or a vast majority are at least. Sadly it’s true in 2012 68% of the population was obese. Now would you rather live in a country that’s apologetic or obese? According to OECD Better Life Index on average Canadian’s also have a higher life span of 81.7 years over American’s 78.5 years, so in our lifetime we can accomplish more because we live on average three years more. In Canada the murder rate is 2 per one hundred thousand people, in America the murder rate is 5.6 per one hundred thousand what this means is that you are more than twice as likely to get murdered in America than you are in Canada. Clearly having lower murder rate, and higher life expectancy make Canada a superior country to America.

The final reason as to why Canada is better than America is that