Canada a Great Place to Be Essay

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Canada a Great Place to Be Canada is regarded as the land of peace and freedom. Like any other country, Canada had its defining moments; events that had shaped it into what it is today. The influence Canada had on the military and war defined it as a strong, peaceful and independent nation. Many of its contributions to the military were in the battle of Vimy Ridge, on the Day of Deliverance (D-Day) and during the Rwandan genocide in Africa. The battle of Vimy Ridge was truly a notable moment for Canada. It took place in the spring of 1917 between the Germans where Canada captured Vimy Ridge ( The battle brought about world recognition and became a symbol of success and sacrifice, as well as an example for countries around the world. Firstly, it was the first time that all 4 Canadian divisions united together for battle (Cruxton 93). Secondly, “Four Canadians won the Victoria Cross at Vimy”, which united many Canadians in honor at the bravery of their soldiers (Cruxton 94). Lastly, Vimy Ridge marked the only success of the Allied attack of 1917( The battle of Vimy Ridge created one of the many defining moments in Canadian history. Not only did Canada get recognized for its great victory at battle but also stood out as a great contributor on the Day of Deliverance. On June 6 1944, the day of deliverance took place in which Canadian, British and American troops invaded Normandy, France (Bolotta 155). Canada gave everything it had from equipment to soldiers to make the day of deliverance a defining moment for Canada. Firstly, The Royal Canadian Navy supplied 109 vessels and 10 000 sailors during the operation ( This provided Canadian soldiers with strong equipment to defeat the enemies of the opposing group. Secondly, on D-Day 14 000 young Canadian soldiers participated in the invasion of Juno Beach ( Their bravery and determination brought success to the Canadians during the opening hours of the mission ( Lastly, Canada paid a heavy price as there were 340 Canadian lives lost and an additional 54 were wounded. D-Day showed Canada’s good strategy skills as well as their organization and collaboration in the mission ( It shaped Canada into a very strong, united nation with soldiers that were willing to give up their lives to make Canada an independent nation. Not only was D-Day a success, but Canada also showed its loyalty towards the Africans in the Rwandan genocide. On April 6, 1994, the Rwandan genocide began with the conflict between the two ethnic groups of Rwanda, the Hutus and the Tutsi’s ( is no doubt that the conflict of Rwanda was a memorable moment for Canada; it showed Canada’s loyalty and dedication in bringing peace and security to humanity. Firstly, no country other than Canada contributed troops to the operation, ( This showed Canada to be a very supportive country. Secondly, When the Op Passage was created in 1994 Canada sent out 247 medical, engineer and support workers. The mission took care of more than 500 civilians hurt in Rwanda, on a daily basis which provided Canada with a reputation for being a loyal country ( Lastly, Canada’s commitment to the operation in Rwanda increased with the formation of UNAMIR II which provided security for the civilians and helped humanitarian relief operations ( Canada’s role in the Rwandan genocide was a defining moment in Canadian history; it marked our loyalty, strength and peace. Canada’s contribution to the military created many defining moments for Canada. Millions of lives were lost and billions of dollars were spent that created many events, such as the battle of Vimy Ridge, the mission of D-Day and the Rwandan genocide which made Canada