Canada and Egypt in 2015 Factors Affecting Business Relations: Retrospection and Forecasting Essay example

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Executive Summary
This report reviews the status of the relationship between Canada and Egypt with particular emphasis on the factors that influence trade between them. The approach used is one of situational analysis by looking at how the relationship has been over the past ten years, the current situation, and what is expected in the next one decade.
Main problem were also analyzed in this report which includes cultural issues affecting trade, mutual interests, education and the fact that mutual respect plays a pivotal role in allowing the relationship to flourish. These changes are revised over time to enable the international relations not to be affected by adverse global developments.
Ensuring a stable state of political affairs in
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The importance of this research lies in the study of past trends in the relationship to predict how the relationship shall be (strong or weak) in the future.

Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefit
According to the Government of Canada Fact Sheet on Bilateral Relations (2012), the relationship between the two countries is a partnership that holds mutual respect and mutual benefit in high esteem (Government of Canada, 2012). Apparently, without these two features, the relationship would not have remained intact since its inception, because if it were not the case, it would imply that one country would be benefiting from their relationship while the other country would be going at a loss (Jintao, 2011). Accordingly, it would be such that an imbalance existed between one country’s exports and imports such that the volume of imports exceeded the volume of exports. On the other hand, through the respect each country accords each other, it is possible for strategic mutual trust to be developed and sustained between them (Jintao, 2011).
Common Interests
Both Canada and Egypt value the idea that the Middle East needs to be made a peaceful region, contrary to the current situation of turmoil within the region (Government of Canada, 2012). Additionally, the two countries aim at cooperating in development processes, nurturing trade relations and sustaining