Canada's Support, Ontario At Work

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Canada’s Support; Ontario at Work Donis Tucker January 20, 2013

Abstract Canada has been assisting their people from reaching poverty. Each province has been responsible for their social services, and within that it explains financial need and education. Outlined is Ontario Disability Support Program, Ontario Student Assistance Program and Ontario Works. They support the families and people of Ontario get through their lives. Although in most cases they must become eligible for the support, unlike America, Canada accepts millions of people. Canada believes in helping others because as a country, thats what they do. From trading to being welcoming, Canada has a great reputation all around the world. If they cannot support their own citizens how are they supposed to support other countries?

Canada’s Support; Ontario at Work In Canada, their government strives to prevent their citizens from reaching the line of poverty. The Canadian government assists citizens who are unable to support themselves by providing them with a social safety net which includes disability support, education assistance and welfare opportunities. With the safety net in place, Canada can start rebuilding their countries future from the economic downfall of the great depression. Canada has come to the realization that their country is regressing socially, economically and morally. With these benefits for Canadians, they hope to relieve the saying from the Karl Marx's theory, "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer." Although it proves that Canada is attempting to provide assistance to their citizens reaching poverty, their economical stand point stays the same. In an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, Frances Russell explains how the quote relates to Canada, “Two factors turned back the clock: globalization and tax cuts. Globalization allowed corporations to move purchasing and production to the lowest-cost jurisdictions around the world, putting enormous downward pressure on unionization, wages and salaries for the vast majority of Canadian workers. It also created a whole new class of super-rich who, unlike the super-rich of the past, base their wealth not on inheritances and property, but on stratospheric salaries, bonuses and rewards as corporate CEOs, investment bankers, inventors, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists.” (Russell, 2010) It is inferred in the constitution act, 1867, in acts 91 and 92, that the division of authority for social services between federal and provincial government that provincial governments would have primary jurisdiction over social services. In act 93, it highlights that provincial legislature can exclusively make laws in relation to education. It proves that the Federal government is only using tax payments to help towards the reaching of poverty as the provincial government is responsible for their provinces economic status. With improving the country, it is not only the federal government to blame if all goes wrong, but as well as the provincial. To get a closer look on how the provincial government is serving their provinces in social services, Ontario will be the topic of discussion. Since Ontario ranked as the most competitive, and highest population province, it will prove how Canadian citizens are being supported by the government. Firstly, in Ontario, the government provides their citizens with disabilities a chance to get the attention and support they need. The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) supports over 880,000 adults with their programming. The ODSP is managed and delivered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The ODSP is an income support paid to a person with disability in the province of Ontario. It is paid monthly to help cover basic needs from shelter and food to medicine and other health expenses.Another range of benefits are available as well, such as free eyeglasses, free