Democracy, Rule Of Law: Test Review

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Vocab terms
Democracy, Rule of Law, Notwithstanding Clause, House of commons

Things to know
statute/ bill charter of rights of freedoms (1982) constitutional law reasonable limits clause notwithstanding clause entrenched public law (the crown vs. you) private law (you vs someone else) read down a law that can generally be used except in this particular case strike down the law gets taken out code of hammurabi (3800 years ago) first evidence of codification and classification magna carta giving people the say napoleonic code lobby groups why rules + laws are important substantive law the substance of the law procedural law a procedure of the has to follow statute law (2) precedent law (3) constitutional law (1)


Rule of law
The belief that neither individual nor the government is above the law

Laws or acts passed by the government body, such as a parliament or provincial legislature

Retribution a deserved penalty or punishment for a wrong or crime; vengeance; a sentencing objective

Authority or power to do something such as make laws

Amending Formula
The procedure to amend or change our constitution requires consent of canadian parliament, and ⅔ of the provinces with 50% of the population

A rule of conduct established governments and applicable to all members of society at all times he idea that law should be fair and just and all people are equal under law regardless of