Canada's Fast Food Industry

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2.0 Global Marketing Environment Analysis
Canada’s fast-food industry is $400 million business as of 2014 and also it’s growing fast according to NPD. This new trend had attracted many American fast food chains to expand their business to Canada. Restaurant sector annual sales in Canada’s are about $72 billion, which adds up to 4% of Canada's economic activity. Canadians favorite thing to do with friends and family is going to restaurant.
6.9% of Canadian working population is employed in restaurant industry, that’s about 1.2 million people.
2.1 Canadian Politics, rules and regulations
In 1867 is when both French and British colonies united the east and west and formed a nation under the name Canada. Queen Elizabeth II is considered as
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This country has a liberal immigration policy which attracts migrants from all over the world. Since 1990 population rate is growing steadily due to fast growing immigration population; which makes Canada as one of developed countries with large proportion of working age (15-64) group. Significant number of immigrants originates from Iran, US, UK, Colombia, South Korea, China, India, and Pakistan.
Ethnic background: As we know Canada comes from History of Colonies its origin comes from British Isles - 28%, France (23%) and of rest of Europe (15%) and others (34%) of Canadian population.
Religion: People practicing Roman Catholicism are about 42.6% according the CIA (World Fact book) 23.3% Protestants, 4.4% Christians, 1.9% Muslims and 11.8% others and 16% of the population fellow no religion.
Both men and women literacy rate is very high at 99%. Aging population was once a concern for the country, Canadian government has taking various steps to address this issues, like increasing the retirement age from 65 to 67 etc.
• Opportunity:
I. Canadian people have great love for American burgers. According to “Business Financial post” fast food sector is up in sales by 4.2% to $24.2 billion compared to dine in restaurants are stagnant at $22
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Starting year 2006, opening a new business in Canada all processing can be done online. Canada is ranked second next to New Zealand in the easiness to start a business.

Low Tax rates: Tax rates in Canada are low when compared to G8 countries; this gives great incentives for foreign investors to bring new business to Canada.

Consumers: Canadian’s are more aware and health conscious, McDonald is closing more restaurant than its opening is a bad sign.
Canadian’s are more aware and prefer natural grown meat over hormone induced once; Canadian consumers looking for the SPCA label (British Columbia Society for the prevention of cruelty of Animal) which certifies meat comes from a quality farms.

Competitors: high competition from other fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Five Guys, A&W, and Tim Horton’s

Labor Cost: Minimum wage in Canada is $10.50 Canadian dollars. Which will add up to the operating cost for the