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Individual case (Canadian blood service)
Xiaodan Li
Comm2036 marketing
Michelle Munro
Oct 31, 2014

Executive summary: Canadian blood service is an independent, non-profitable organization that manages the blood supply in all provinces and territories of Canada; their main concern was whether the supply could keep up with growing demand. CBS lacks donation sites and high performance staff so that there is always a line-up for the day’s donor clinic outside. The suggestion I think is to expand their investment budget (like buy a new Plasmapheresis machine) and train their employees. The precondition is having government financial support. If government funding is not enough, we can try to raise eligible population awareness. It is more cheaper and efficient method.

Broad industry: World Charity
Canada Charity
Healthy Charity
Disease foundation
Organ donation
Narrow product: Blood donors
Core Product: wonderful feeling for helping others
Actual Product: the feeling of pain for drawing blood
Augmented product: Friendly nurse attendants, thoughtful care, free pizza, free body check

Keys Success Factors
High quality
Maintain a good relation with donors

Corporation: 1. Meet customer safety and supply needs 2. Voluntary donations should be maintained and protected 3. Adequacy and security of supply of all needed blood 4. Enhance current donor recruiting Personal: Supply could keep up with growing demand
Problem statement: supply shortages: demand of blood product was increasing at a rate of two percent per year, twice as fast as population growth; the main concern was whether the supply could keep up with growing demand. Sub-issue: 1. the blood supply are easily contaminated 2. Absence of trust: Thousands were affected and hundreds of people died because of mismanagement during 1980s. Because of that, most Canadian eligible donors were afraid to donate. 3. Blood could not be stored indefinitely—one month for whole blood and one week for platelets 4. High demand and low supply of blood during summer and winter holiday period. Because donors were often on vocation and away from their regular routine, donations could fall off. 5. Eligible donors were almost 50 percent of Canadians. Participants sited lack of convenience factors, lack of awareness of the need of blood, the process of donating itself and fear of needles or pain. 6. A line-up for the day’s donor clinic outside 7. There are many competitors, people prefer donate money to blood.
Strengths: 1. the board of director was appointed by the health minister
2. There was a data showed more than 80 per cent Canadian trusted Canadian Blood Service to manage blood system. 3. CBS is only one firm has total control over the entire blood collection market. 4. CBS is non-profitable and long-history organization
1. CBS do not have much funding from government, they depend on member contributions.
2. Some mobile collection sites may be not convenience for donators.
3. The funding of donors is unpredictable, depending on factors such as economy, government policy, etc.
4. They have limit resources. Bloods can only save for one month and plasma for one week

1. CBS is an organization that cooperates with other social community such as schools and workplaces.
2. There are more and more people having the awareness for helping people.

1. The market has many charities to make the feeling of helping people and also have many disease foundations.
2. The channels for donating blood is not perfect, they should expand donation sites.
3. More and more charitable organizations are being registered and need volunteers in Canada
4. The prerequisites for the donate is too many

CBS is long-history and non-profitable organization, It could be a strength and a weakness, because the