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Canadian Blood Services
Marketing Plan

Date 10-01-2015 Presented by: Saher Tariq Minjung Kim Dannis Deneiko Veronica Laye
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Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

The Canadian Blood Services is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to manage to blood and blood products supply for Canadians. They collect approximately 850,000 units of blood annually and process it into the components and products that are administered to thousands of patients yearly. This report outline the SWOT analysis of the C.B.S, donor (consumer) behavior, different market segments, and recommendations about donor retention and increment.

Company Objectives
The objective of Canadian Blood Services is to encourage and receive blood donations through safe and secure methods to help Canadians who need blood transfusions. (Canadian Blood Services, 2013).

Situation Analysis
Strong current management of the blood supply
Funded by Canadian government
Offers a variety of locations and mobile clinics.
Ability to implement national strategy
Ability to utilize volunteer workforce to some extent
CBS is able to separate nearly 100% of the blood components for blood products (plasma and platelets).
CBS has 43 permanent collection locations
CBS offers 20,000 donor clinics over 1,600 locations annually
CBS offers mobile clinics for special populations
80% of the Canadian population trusts CBS to manage the blood system. CBS operates Canada’s blood supply in a manner that gains the trust, commitment and confidence of all Canadians Receives funding from provincial and territorial ministries of health (non-profit)
Many ways to book appointment.
Positive brand image
Provides important and vital services
Recognition program to thank its supporters
41 permanent collection sites
Collect 850,000 units of blood annually, (all above)-(Canadian Blood Services, 2014)
Accepting younger donors (with parental consent) (Canadian Blood Services, 2012)
Supply line that connects patients with donors.(CBC, 2014)
Loyal ‘customers’- 81% of the Canadian donor list are repeat donors (Bird, 2014)
Monopoly. Only blood donation management in Canada.

Promotion efforts are not effective. Lack of resources for marketing. (Canadian Blood Services, 2014)
Limited number of permanent blood donation places.
General lack of being able to convince population that there is always a strong need for blood donors. 1/60 Canadians donate. (Canadian Blood Services, 2013)
Blood has a shelf life
Elected officials on board may change frequently
May be difficult to get an increased budget from governments
Actions limited by government policies
Blood can only be stored for one month and blood products can only be stored for one week
CBS has a challenge of getting the donor to enter the problem recognition stage of the decision process
Some potential donors may be deterred due to the perception of pain experienced during the donation
Reaching the Canadian population in a timely manner to meet increases in demand during some periods.
Some potential donors may be deterred due to the impression that it will be inconvenient for them to donate.
Undervalued charity. (Canadian Blood Services, 2014)
24 blood clinics cancelled their services. (CBC, 2014)
Operation is totally dependent on volunteers. (Gunn, 2014)
Expensive to keep operational. (Gunn, 2014)
Low Facebook participation (35 participants was their most active month) Only 2.7 of B.C donates regularly. (Bird, 2014).

80% of population trusts CBS to manage the blood system – possible increase in donation
90% of blood donation eligible population
Only small percentage of population has