Essay on Canadian Economic Outlook Cloudier: Ottawa Admits Projections Too Optimistic as Carney Predicts Low Rates Till 2014

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Study in college and acquisition of professional skills are many youths’ dreams. Parents send their children to colleges. They hope their children to obtain knowledge and receive vocational training. After graduation, they can find a suitable job, begin their careers and serve better the society. However, not every student can successfully gain a graduate certificate. Some students fail to graduate from college regrettably. So it is significant for students to know how to make success at college. The important factors to succeed at college are forming self-control habits, taking notes in detail, and attending classes punctually. Because there are so many assignments at college, students need to learn self-control. A lot of students live in apartments of college or rent house near schools, they are lack of parents control and easily indulge in playing games and other spare activities. They cannot balance academic study and spare activities. They always haven’t time to prepare lessons and finish their assignments on time. Some students affected by other people, they learns smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking and drinking excessively not only harm their health, but also influence their study. More seriously, a few of students use tuition fees which their parents give to play video games. They are forced to drop out by school because of without paying tuition fees. Probably, some students need a part-time job to earn money for their tuition fees, but they cannot balance the study and part-time job. After fulfilling their jobs, they are always very tired and haven’t energy to study. Therefore, students should learn how to control themselves and to make sure of finishing all of assignments. Making notes in detail is also important for college students to be success. First, making notes can benefit students to better understand the contents of professors teaching in classes. Second, when students review after classes, the can follow the notes to read a text book and know what are the focus contents. Finally, making notes can help students remember the main definitions, concepts and ideas more