Canadian Elections Essay

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Government Essay
Canada is a physically large country with a relatively small population. Having a country as large as ours requires multiple levels of government to maintain control over the population. Here in Canada we have three levels of government, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. The federal government maintains general control over Canada but has little influence on provincial and municipal matters. The Provincial government, under the jurisdiction of the Federal government, Maintains control over a province or territory. The Provincial government has a larger influence on our daily lives than the Federal government, but not as much as the Municipal government. The municipal government maintains control over a city and is the most influential form of government Canada has. Each level of government has different forms of elections along with many different duties and responsibilities.
The federal Government, The highest level of government, rules over all of Canada. Federal elections must occur every five years, however most majority governments hold elections every four years. During a federal election the people secretly vote for the political party the favor. Each political party has one member run for a seat in parliament in each riding (there are currently 308 seats in parliament). The leader of the winning party becomes prime minister. A political party will have a minority government if they have less than half the seats in the House of Commons. A majority government is…