Canadian Flag Research Paper

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The Canadian Flag:

The Canadian flag in my Coat Of Arms represents that I am Canadian. It also represents my culture and things I celebrate. Many of the things I do are related to being Canadian. The things I eat sometimes I eat are Canadian. Being Canadian is very important to me because I not only live here but I learn here. This is a country where people get together and celebrate special occasions and help eachother out. Being Canadian teaches a person a lot and I still have things many things to learn. Being Canadian is not only about the people it's also about what we do. The sports we play such as hockey makes us Canadian, the drinks we drink such as Tim Hortons coffee makes us Canadian. Things like these are what I love about being Canadian. The things that represent us only represent us and no other country around the world. Being Canadian is special and not just a name.

The Indian Flag: The Indian Flag represents my background, where my parents came from and where my ancestors lived at one point in time. This is where the language I speak and the food I mostly eat began. Even though I don't live in
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I believe that the growth of a seed is very much like how I grow as a person. Starting from a small seed planted in the ground to growing into a big strong tree with multiple branches. I believe that throughout the life of a tree it goes through many tough times and has to bear many circumstances. Many things like getting too much water or sun can damage it. Life works the same way when it throws things at you like nature throws at plants. In the end you have to be strong and live through what life throws at you. If you manage to stay strong and put aside the moments in life that get you down you can grow strong and sturdy as a tree. This belief is very important to me because I apply this in my everyday life and tell people to do the same so they can focus on the positive things that life throws at