Canadian Health Care Essay

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Health Care Project
The Canadian Health Care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans which provide coverage to all Canadian citizens regardless of medical history, personal income, or standard of living. This Health care will provide service to hospitals, dental surgeries, and additional medical services. (Canadian Health Care)
The funding that makes this service possible comes from income taxes on a personal and a corporate level. Additional funding comes from other soucres of taxation such as sales tax (Canadian Health Care). Every citizen has the right to access health care. The process is simple and quick. Every citizen must apply for a health care card which is labeled with an identification number allowing their medical history to be accessed (Canadian Health Care).
This is a system that could be adopted by the United States and is actually a very similar system to the plan President Obama has in place for 2014. Canada’s current system provides health care for all, but it does so at a cost. In 2001, Canada’s Health Care cost them more than $100 Billion. This breaks down to about $3300 per capita and about 10% of their GDP is spent on health. This GDP amount is still less than the United States, but it shows that ours will only rise with this system. (Canadian Health Care)
Canada’s Health Act is also causing a shortage of doctors and nurses throughout the country. Nurses and Doctors are leaving their practices to come and work in the…