Canadian Health Care System Essay

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The idea of what the Canadian Health Care system should be varies between the country's three political parties. According to the official website of the New Democratic Party of Canada, the NDP believes that every Canadian citizen should have quality, reliable health care. In fact, the NDP initially created Canada's public health care system. In addition to the current health care system, the NDP is trying to create legislation that would grant free dental and drug coverage for seniors over the age of 65. Lastly, recent debate in both Canada and the United States has been on the subject of whether or not health care should be privatized. It is the belief of the NDP that the privatization of health care would have a negative effect in …show more content…
On the Republican side, President Bush and his constituents argue in favor of increasing funds for research and development of new and reliable energy sources. According to the Republican National Committee official website, Republicans believe that "America must find new alternatives to Oil, pursue promising new technologies, and find better ways to generate more electricity. The President is working to meet America's energy demands and the challenges of the global economy by developing clean, domestic, affordable supplies of energy. The President's Advanced Energy Initiative promotes America's four main sources of electricity: coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewable sources." Although the energy plans for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are similar, each plan has several important details that differ from its counterpart. All the above mentioned websites have become very important to the overall political process in both Canada and the United States. Although each website has its strengths and weaknesses, I think the Republican National Committee's website is the overall