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November 17, 2014
Canadian landscapes: Historical and Contemporary
What are the similarities and differences between historical and contemporary landscapes? What factors account for these similarities and differences?
The Differences between historical and contemporary in Canada is the racism, justice and trade. Before racism is a huge problem in Canada. In Cypress hills massacre the “wolfers” or wolf hunters thought that Assiniboine tribe stole their horses. It is an example of racism. They criticize them from being different. Wolfers do not have any evidence but they kill Assiniboine brutally. Also they burned Assiniboine lodges and wounded people were executed. Some women were captured and wolfers raped them throughout the night. There are lot of traders and tribes that time that could possibly stole their horses but they never thought of anyone. They are ruthless and had no conscience. The Assiniboine tribe scattered and traumatized by the massacre. Now there are many anti racism organizations that prevent racism anywhere. Before the Cypress Hills massacre, The North West Mounted Police was already creating by John Macdonald. The increase of violence and illegal whiskey trading convinced the government to do something sooner rather than later in North West Territories. When North West Mounted Police arrived in Northwest Territories they investigate the events of the massacre. They arrested eight of the participants by United States