Canadian youth and dating Essay

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Canadian Youth and Dating
Canadian youth and dating has changed over the decades. It has become more violent and promiscuous. Dating and things such as ‘going out’ are activities in which many Canadian youth take part in starting as early as the ages of 11, 12, and 13. We live in a century that violence in dating relationships is not uncommon. When teens start dating, they reflect their parents’ relationships. Youth that have parents in unhealthy relationships tend to follow the same behaviours.
Canadian Youth and Dating Violence
Teens are more prone to violence in relationships because they are vulnerable. Teens tend to believe that everything their partner does is because they love them, even if it involves a form of abuse. Teens find themselves making excuses for their partner’s behaviour or thinking unreasonable thoughts. The most significant type of violence teens experience is verbal abuse such as; spreading rumours, getting even, and hurtful teasing. Teens are so vulnerable to dating violence because they have not learned the difference between criminal aggression and teasing for fun.
What is Dating Violence?
All forms of abuse are painful, and in no way should be taken as a joke. There is a wide range of abusive acts that occur in a relationship. In general people think of the traditional acts of “serious” abuse, that is, physical or sexual violence, but in dating violence there are death threats, psychological abuse, insults, jealousy and even harassment after separation. Both young men and women can act abusively, but the abuse of young women by men is more extensive and severe.
"I can handle this. I can make it stop."
"I asked for it because I provoked them."
“The only pushed me. It’s no bid deal.”
"Name calling isn't really abuse."
"They're just doing it