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Choose Your Own
Room Guide
University Housing & Dining

How does Choose Your Room and
Living-Learning Communities work together?
Since you completed your application prior to February 3, 2014, you have access to the self-selection page. On this page you can assign yourself to a room. You can also assign your mutually confirmed roommate. You can now view the buildings, floors, and rooms available for your top LLCs and select your room.


Please note that LLC preferences and rankings cannot be adjusted during this stage of the room selection process.
Applicants only have access to all buildings, floors, and rooms, assigned to their top LLC choices. selection by Clicking “Choose u Start the actual room application. You can get to it byYour Room” within your housing going to


top Living Learning v View yournot changeable. Communities.
These are

combination for you. w Choose the best LLC/Building in which building. Only pick the
You can view which LLCs are building with your corresponding LLC.

x Select the building from those provided by clicking the building name. Overview of Choosing your room!

x w 1. View your top three Living Learning
Communities above.
2. Choose the best LLC/building combination available for you.
3. Select the building from those below by clicking the building name.
4. Select a floor.
5. Select a room.
6. Select your bed within the room.

Page 2, Floor Selection

uView LLC locations for each floor. vView number of available beds per room type.
If it states 0 then there are no available rooms of that room type on that floor.


Floor charts are available after floor selection. You can return by clicking

wSelect a floor then ReservetoBed to continue in that building see the available beds.

xAt any time you can select a by different building in this process u w


clicking Building to change your selection. Page 3, Room Selection

u View available rooms within a certain floor. a v View number of available beds withinThe room i.e. 1/1 1/2 2/2 1/3 2/3 3/3. first number is the available beds in that room; the second number is the total number of beds in that room.

w Click the room number at the left to select the room. u w

the room is positioned x View howCompare to the location within the floor. of bathrooms, stairwells, and other rooms.

v x y

view room yClick Magnifying Glass toand LLC details such as room type

zSelect room and then Reserve Bed to a continue. At any time you can select different step in this process by clicking
Building, or Floor, to change your selection.

Room type


Current occupant(s) of the room and their profile

Page 4, Bed Selection

You have 5 minutes to complete the

u task of selecting your bed. The

counter will start to count down as you enter this page. If it times out it will reload the rooms page and you will need to reselect your room and bed. your bed here. You can v Select one side of the room. only select mutually confirmed w If student has athey are eligible for roommate and


the floor, then the first student can bring the second student into the space. can select a x At any time you this process by different step in clicking Building, Floor or Rooms to change your selection.

Reserve y Selectbed space.Bed to reserve your own u v y


Congratulations, you have officially reserved your room, but keep reading on for more info!

Page 5, Cancel Room – Browse for Rooms

u Cancel Room appears after you have reserved a bed.



It is required if you want to select a different room.

Cancel Reservation does not cancel your application, only the room. You will still have a valid housing application. for Rooms can be used if you