Cancer: Bone Marrow and Treatment- Stem Cell Essays

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There have been many changes throughout world history. Over the years technology improved causing great changes in the medical world. Using enhanced knowledge of technology people have developed many treatments. Some of these treatments have been created for cancer. Even though cancer doesn't have a specific cure, the treatments have escalated compared to early history. One example of a lack of knowledge on medicine and treatment throughout history is the Black Plague. When the Black Plague hit Europe and Asia, the people did not know what to do. They thought that the disease came as a punishment from God. The people decided that they might be able to prevent the disease from greeting worse by somewhat cleaning themselves and communicating with God. They had meetings to figure out ways to prevent the disease, not realizing it actually made the Black Plague spread worse. Because of their lack of knowledge on the treatments and cure for this disease, many people died.

Thankfully, there are treatments created in the modern society- specifically for cancer. One type of treatment for cancer is biological therapy. Biological therapy uses the body's immune system to fight cancer. The cells, antibodies, and organs of the immune system work to protect and defend the body against foreign invaders, such as bacteria or viruses. Biological therapies are designed to boost the immune system. If the immune system is worked out right, more of different white blood cells are created faster to fight off the cancer.

Another treatment for cancer is chemotherapy. The most common form of chemotherapy is through an IV procedure. This procedure is done using a needle to deliver the drug through the vein into the body to circulate and reach its target. Other procedures involve inserting the drug through the muscle rather than the vein. Certain chemotherapy cancer drugs may also be available in pill, liquid or capsule form, and are used in the same way as other oral medications.

Induction chemotherapy is another form of treatment. It is the process when conventional therapy is used before the transplantation of the stem cells. The main aim of this therapy is to make the burden of the tumor less before the transplantation of the stem cells takes place. The chemotherapy drugs for the induction chemotherapy are the myeloma drugs which are called dexamethasone, Ortho-Biotech, doxorubicin, vincristine, DVd, cyclophosphamide VAD, dexamethasone,…