Essay on Cancer: Cancer and Uncontrolled Tissue Growth

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The Problem
-Cancer is a collective term of maladaptive and uncontrolled tissue growth of all kinds
-Cells are equipped with genes
-Some of these genes are adjusted to stop dividing when local divisions indicate that the tissue is mature and no additional cells are currently needed (example: liver cell).
-If these cells don’t stop dividing right away or if the growth and division is turned on accidently even though it should not, a tumor develops.
The Solution
-Mechanisms of DNA repairing and editing correct flaws of altered genes to protect us from cancer; these are the three different types of safeguards:
-A gene, which was originally thought of the cause of colon cancer, that acts in the detection and correction of abnormal DNA structure. When this system is not working, DNA abnormalities accumulate and increase the chance of cancer.
-Tumor-suppressor genes that actively hinder cell growth by destroying the product of a gene that makes a substance essential, when it’s inappropriate.
- Secretion of substances that inhibit misbehaviour detected in their neighbour cells. -The immune system may bring a host of weapons into play against an incipient maladaptive growth as soon as it finds a difference between it and normal tissue.
Cancers of the female reproductive organs
-Includes breast, uterus and ovary cancer
-More likely to develop in older women like other cancer types because function of the body decreases.
- The risk of these cancers increases…