Cancer Essay Outline

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Essay Outline:
Part 1 The introduction to the current situation of non-communicable diseases.
Part2 The analysis of the causes of three main non-communicable diseases involving cancer, cardiovascular and Asthma.
Part3 The recommendation discussed from different perspectives including lifestyle, economy, government’s policy and the environment.
Part4 Conclusion
Section Topic: The causes of cancer
Paragraph 1 Specific Topic: The brief introduction to the pathogenesis of cancer and the death rate of cancer. Topic Sentence: Cancer has a great influence on the society and the causes should be analyzed in different aspects. ESS/ESES: Out-of-control cell growth:
a. Not an orderly path
b. No programmatic death
c. Continue to grow and divide
7.6million death per year Reference: Paragraph 2 Specific Topic: Unhealthy lifestyle can lead to cancer. Topic Sentence: Unhealthy living habits can lead to many diseases including cancer and it is possible to reduce the risk of being diagnosed with cancer by developing a healthy lifestyle. ESS/ESES: Alcohol use→risk of cancer↑ Alcohol→mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus, liver, colon and rectum, breast. Drinking and smoking>> drinking or smoking alone Alcohol acts as solvent→help harmful chemicals into cells→slow down cells’ ability to repair DNA damage Reference:
American Cancer Society

Paragraph 3 Specific