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Young Adults & Cancer

Young Adults & Cancer

“Cancer is the number one leading cause of death. It has been stated that about 76, 690 new cases have been found in 2013.”(Melanoma, n.d.). This information should help you and your loved ones know the risk factors, prevention and detections as well as treatment options.

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer and is common in young adults. The risk factors are; fair skin complexion that freckles and burn easily, Blue or Green eyes, red or blond hair, being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time and having several large or small moles. Changes in the color of moles are also a risk factor. Reduce the amount of time exposed to the sun, wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen onto the body. Preform a self -examination of your body, look for any suspicious moles. This should be done every 6-8 weeks.

Having a variety of colors in a mole such as this one can be a warning sign.

The affects Melanoma has on the body is that when it is not treated early it can grow into the skin reaching blood vessels and lymphatics, when this occurs melanoma can spread within the body to various organs that can cause a fatal result. When recognizing and treated early, recovery is a very good chance. If melanoma reaches beyond the skin, it becomes harder to treat.

“Early detection is the best treatment as it significantly increases the chances of survival” (Melanoma, (2012)). When treated early, a surgical excision is the first step in early stages of melanoma.…