Cancer Patients Essay

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I have chosen to do this report on Melanoma so that I can educate a range of men and women in skin cancer also known as Melanoma. This is the most common form of cancer in people ages 25-29 and it is also the second to adolescents and young adults ages 15-29. Since 1980 there is a study that shows a 50 percent increase in Melanoma in women ages 15-39. It is also shown that in woman ages 30-34 that it follows closely behind breast cancer. In this report I hope to show you the cause, risk, treatment, detection and how it affects the body and how you can keep from getting it. Melanoma is a serious form of cancer that starts in the pigment that produces skin cells called melanocytes. The cells are abnormal and become aggressive and they grow uncontrollably. They eventually invade surrounding tissues. It can develop in a mole or in an existing mole as well. Before being diagnosed with Melanoma you have to go and have half or the entire tumor (mole) removed. This test will determine the stage and the level of cancer. Stage 0 is abnormal melanocytes that are found in the epidermis. This may become cancer and spread into normal tissue. This cancer grows into 4 stages and gets more aggressive as the stages advance. You can prevent Melanoma from happening by taking precautions with yourself and children. Taking care of your skin is the main factor. Making sure when you are going out in the sun for any length of time its important to use a sun screen. Avoid going to tanning beds is…