Cancer Prevention Research Paper

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Steps in Cancer Prevention
Sherri Joiner
Farrah Hilton

Steps in Cancer Prevention Cancer Preventions “Cancer” is a word that no one wants to hear when presenting to a doctor’s office or as a diagnosis for any family members. It is not one disease, but many diseases that affect many Americans each day. It is non-discriminatory and can affect anyone from infants to adults. According to “The National Cancer Institute” (n.d.), there will be an estimated 1,638,910 newly diagnosed cases of cancer and 577,190 deaths from cancer in the 2012 (Cancer Statistics). ( These numbers, although estimates only, are alarming. Considering
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1) ( Physical activity is any movement of the body that requires more energy than it does to rest. Activities such as walking, running, swimming, and dancing are some examples. Exactly how much physical activity should an adult get daily? The Center for Disease Control recommends adults get up to 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily for at least 5 days a week and more vigorous exercise for 20 minutes on 3 of those days. Physical activity is not to maintain a healthy weight alone. It helps in other areas such as maintaining healthy bones and joints and promotes a healthy psychological outlook. It also reduces the risks of death due to heart disease as well as reduces the risks in development of diabetes mellitus and hypertensive heart disease. Research suggests that the physical activity helps boost the immune system and suppress hormones related to certain cancers. By living actively, the circulation throughout the body is improved through blood flow. The increased blood flow stimulates the immune system in fighting unwanted cells and maintaining the good cells. As mentioned, the human body produces hormones. The sugar regulating hormone known as insulin is known to lead to faster cell growth and division, which increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Other hormones produced in the body such as testosterone and estrogen are