Essay about Cancer Research

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Cancer begins when your cells in your body start to divide out of control. Usually, cells are replaced when they begin to start aging or become damaged. The cells do so by repairing or destroying itself. Sometimes this process does not go right; the DNA of the cell gets damaged, somehow causing a mutation. The damaged cell does not die when it is supposed to; which causes the body to generate new cells even though it doesn’t need to. A normal cell goes through a series of checkpoints which ensures the cell is healthy and isn’t damaged. Mutated cells or cancerous cells completely skip this step, continuing to divide itself. When all these cells stay in one place it could possibly create a tumor. A benign tumor is a treatable tumor that isn’t cancerous. But if the tumor goes undetected for a while the progression of the mutation of cells gets worse, and eventually becomes untreatable; causing a malignant tumor. Malignant tumor cells have the ability to invade other tissues and spread even farther in your body. Regular cells stay in the specific area where they are supposed to be and do not spread to other areas. For example lung cells will stay in the lungs and liver cells stay in the liver. Cancer cells don’t follow this rule and have the ability to spread in the body in different types of ways. Cancer cells can also trick the immune system as well. Our white blood cells are designed to figure out and destroy any foreign substance in our body like viruses. But these