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Careers Reflection:
Multiple Intelligences:
After taking the Multiple Intelligences quiz, I was able to rank my multiple intelligences from its strongest to its weakest. To begin with, the strongest strength that I possess is intrapersonal strength. Alongside with having intrapersonal strengths, I also hold a great deal of Logical, and Kinesthetic strength. Surprisingly, my third strongest strengths were Naturalist, Verbal, and Visual with a total of eighty points each. Lastly, my two weakest strengths were Musical and Interpersonal.
Overall, I was quite surprised with the outcome of my results after taking this quiz for several reasons. The one thing that I was most surprised about was my strongest multiple intelligence which is Intrapersonal Strength. In general, I was astonished with this result due to the fact that, I did not realize how much I reflect upon myself on a day to day basis. After taking this quiz, I was also able to perceive the potential career jobs that would best suit my personality. These careers were something that I never would have thought of pursuing. Above all, I was staggered with the order of my results from the Multiple Intelligences Quiz. This reason being that, I anticipated for my strongest strength to be Interpersonal intelligence as I prefer verbal communication and I am very cooperative person. In addition, I never expected for one of my weakest strengths to be because I often think of different rhythms, sounds, and patterns whenever I am doing something constructive.
Since I am person who possesses great intrapersonal strengths and tends to understand my inner feelings, dreams, and relationships with others, this will greatly be useful in my learning. First and foremost, having intrapersonal strength will help me learn how set goals for myself when doing a gruelling task as intrapersonal people most often like to reflect upon their lives. I will use this strength to also help in learning things on my own as though people with intrapersonal intelligences often prefer to explore things by themselves. Most importantly, I will be able to use my intrapersonal intelligences to help me concentrate as I prefer doing thing quietly.
Learning Styles:
After taking the Learning Styles Survey, I was able to find out what type of learner I am and tips for better learning. I am a tactile learner which is when a person tends to learn through touch. Alongside tactile learning I also am an auditory learner, and finally my weakest learning style is visual learning.
In general, I was astonished by finding what my best learning style is and the order of my results. First of all, I was surprised by my best learning style because I always thought I was a person who likes to memorize information, listen to music while learning and read notes and texts out loud. But, this type of learner is an auditory learner not a tactile learner. I was also very surprised with order of my results due to the fact that I thought that auditory learning would be my strongest strength because I do many of the things that an auditory learner would do. I was also surprised that visual learning was my weakest type of learning because; there are many qualities that I possess which correspond to a visual learner as well.
Since I am a tactile learner, I can use this strength in many different ways to progress my learning. Being a tactile learner will help me how to take proper notes for future subjects such history or science. This skill may also help me to learn how to be more orally active with my work such as presentations, monologues and more. Most importantly, I will use my tactile learning skills to learn how to build models and do things hands on.
After taking the survey, I found out that my strongest strength is that I am a people person. My next strongest strength is that I am an information person. Lastly, my weakest strength is towards being hands on person.
Two Paragraph Reflections Interests: