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1. M,mjkj 2. Candide hires a companion, Martin, to accompany him on his journey. He hires Martin because he is the most amusing. He and Martin observe a battle between two ships and decide to detour to France. Pangloss’s philosophy is that all is for the best in this “best of all possible worlds.” Martin is more believable than the other major characters in the novel, not because he is more complex, but because he is more intelligent and more likely to draw conclusions with which we can identify. A scholar who has suffered personal and financial setbacks, Martin is as extreme a pessimist as Pangloss is an optimist. He even takes issue with Candide’s statement that “there is some good” in the world. Direct experience plays a greater part in Martin’s estimation of the world than it does in Pangloss’s. As a result, he is able to provide insight into events far beyond Pangloss’s ability to do so. Martin demonstrates such insight when he predicts that Giroflée and Paquette will not be happier for having money and when he analyzes the psychology of Count Pococurante. Though Martin’s philosophy is more effective and honest than Pangloss’s, it also has some of the same flaws. 3. jk 4. jk 5. Jk 6. Jk 7. Jk 8. Jk 9. Jk 10. ‘jk 11. Jk 12. Candide and Cacambo travel for several months and eventually reach El Dorado.In El Dorado, Candide is greeted with warmth and generosity. The children there had all the jewels they wanted so it was nothing for them to play with them and leave them there. This is different from the European attitudes because they valued jewels and gold. Candide wants to leave El Dorado because the jewels there, will only have value to him in the outside world, and he didn’t want to live without Cunegonde. The jewels that have no value in El Durado make Candide greedy and ambitious