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CanGo Company

CanGo Company Issues
A comprehensive assessment was conducted for the CanGo Company, and the objective was to unearth the causation factors for their operational issues. In the initial phase of the evaluation, it was quite evident that the root cause of their difficulties was a direct consequence of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whose ambition for the company was distorted. Consequently, their mission and vision was not clearly defined, which shaped a company’s culture of organized chaos. This deficiency positioned the CanGo Company in a reactionary environment, instead of navigating a path of continual stability and progression. In the final analysis, it was apparent that the fundamental organizational blueprint of
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When involving all levels of management, cohesion within the team can develop in the assigned teams initiating awareness. When they are included in the company’s ideals and goals, they have a greater sense of responsibility and loyalty.

2. Flawed entrepreneurial leadership and the lack of effective communication. Elizabeth is the presumed proprietor of the CanGo Company who is confident of the direction she wants the company to navigate; with urgency, integrate a stable online gaming system, and preparing for a potentially high-volume of anticipated holiday sales. The problem with her lofty aspirations is that she has not sensibly planned a stratagem to achieve her vision. The first indication of her flawed leadership is evident when Andrew, one of her employees approached her about impending glitches with the online gaming project which theoretically can initiate liability to the company. He expressed concern about not being able to protect themselves or their interests. Elizabeth retorted “this is my company” instead of investigating his concerns and providing a solution to the problem. Her response was definitely a transparent display of faulty leadership. This type of behavior is also typical of a Boss with poor leadership ability; it’s all about them and they are ineffective in their communication stated Myatt (2013) from