Legalization Of Marijuana Research Paper

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Ryan Glover
Dr. Larson

Legalization of Marijuana

From the past to the present the government and society has given such a negative view on marijuana it left no room for the positives. Tobacco and other chemicals in cigarettes are widely used and welcomed more than the use of marijuana and yet people and the people around them die every day and are linked to several medical conditions. Alcohol has been linked to anger and aggression, many medical conditions, and death but we can go to the nearest corner store and purchase alcohol seven days a week. Prescription and over the counter drugs have many different side effects that can occur while taking the medicine and limited to the amount used daily in fear of over medicating and could lead to serious health conditions or even death. Marijuana has not been linked to serious side effects or bodily harm, nor has it been linked to anger or aggression, and does not lead to death. Marijuana is known more for its illegal contribution in the world instead of the positive aspects it can have on medical use and its contribution to improve the economy and many uses it can have industrially.
In the states were marijuana is legal it is used for its many medical benefits. Unlike most prescription drugs given for serious health conditions serious side effects can come with it. Marijuana is used for serious health conditions and doesn’t have any of the serious side effects. It is used for various health reasons ranging from sleep deprivation to help regain appetites in patients whose health leave them with drastic weight loss because of their loss of appetite. It is also used to help relieve pain in cancer, multiple sclerosis patients, and arthritis patients as well. Marijuana is also being tested in possible reducing growth in malignant tumors in the brain. Some other uses include depression, high blood pressure, HIV, and a muscle relaxer. (Harvard Health Letter 2004) Medically marijuana could be a great relief for a lot of people and with further testing was even turned into an oral supplement for daily use (Gray, 1998).
Economically marijuana can be very beneficial for the farmers that grow it for medical and other uses by the government that allows them to grow it. Farmers would also be able to grow hemp and sell it to companies that will use the product. Hemp is a marijuana plant with very low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels used for its seeds and fiber. Companies can then purchase the hemp and manufacture it into products ranging from paper to concrete. Hemp also provides nutrient rich soil, uses minimal pesticides, and reduces weed growth. Economically if marijuana was legalized a state would save over seven billion dollars in cost instead of the amounts spent trying to uphold the laws making it illegal and if marijuana was taxed like consumer goods it could bring in over two million dollars annually and if taxed like alcohol and tobacco it could bring in over six billion dollars annually and with today’s economical struggle in the states who wouldn’t benefit from these numbers. (Moffatt, 2012)
Legalization of marijuana also brings growth industrially to The United States. Hemp and hemp seeds has many beneficial uses. The fiber from hemp can be used to