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Cannabis or known by its Mexican name Marijuana is a popular plant with a with a ruff past it has been around for many of years.
Cannabis, known as marijuana, and by other names, is a plant intended for the use as a psychoactive drug and as medicine. It has five to nine leaves; its stem is tall and stocky.

Cannabis is a dioeciously plant meaning that it has a separate male and female plant. The male plant is much taller and thinner and has flower like pods that contain the fertilizing and pollen-generating anthers. The female plants are much darker, shorter and have small hairs that protrude out the ends of each bud on the plant.

Cannabis sativa grown wild throughout many different parts of the world their seeds are used for livestock feed their, fibers for hemp rope and, oils for paint, and medical use. Cannabis is a plants that has a single species, Cannabis sativa, which is divided into two additional species, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis, These three taxa are indigenous to Central Asia, and South Asia. Cannabis sativa is a stimulating high to the brains thoughts and most of the senses used for concentrating.

Cannabis indica is an annual plant that is a member of the Cannabaceae family it has been used for feed as well as medical uses. indica, originating in south Asia, it has been known as Indian hemp, and is a shorter bushy plants that gives a much greater height per unit. Cannabis indica is body high and is used for pain like in arthritis and is also used to relax the body. Cannabis ruderalis is a Cannabis species that comes from central Russia. Its flower does not grow as tall as Cannabis indica or sativa, and can withstand harsh climates than either of the species. Cannabis ruderalis will flower depending on its age, rather than its cycle photoperiod changes which is the flowering proses in sativa and indica. These kinds of flowering plants are known as auto flowering plant. Cannabis ruderalis is a lower THC content than sativa or indica, it is rarely grown for recreational uses and shorter stature of Cannabis ruderalis limits its uses for hemp products. Many people who grow for the first time really autos for the relatively short time for seed to harvest. Cannabis ruderalis strains are high in the cannabіnoid cannabidiol, so they are grown by medical Cannabis users. The oldest record on use of cannabis comes from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung recorded 2727 B.C. Greeks and Romans were familiar with cannabis as well as the Middle East was to. The use of cannabis spread to the Islamic empire to North Africa. In the year 1545 cannabis spread to the western part of the world where Spaniards imported it to Chile for the use of medical purposes. In North America cannabis was grown on many plantations for use in rope, clothing, paper, and medicine. The first U.S Cannabis law was administered at Virginia in Jamestown Colony, in the year of 1619. The law ordered that all farmers must grow Indian hempseed. For the next 200 years you could be thrown in jail for not growing and harvesting Cannabis in the time of shortage in Virginia between 1763 to 1767, and during most of the years Cannabis was legal, through most of these years you could even pay your taxes with Cannabis. Cannabis was an important cash crop for a many of reasons including war requirements Cannabis Hemp rope, which the government encourage growth on. The U.S Census of 1850 counted at least 8,327 Cannabis plantations and a minimum of 2,000-acres for growing Cannabis for cloth, canvas, and the cordage used for baling cotton.

The legality of cannabis in the U.S is related to the regulation of Cannabis for the use of medical and recreational purposes in the U.S. The law and