Essay on Cannabis Debate

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Skunk, pot, grass, boom – call it what you will. It don't matter. In the end, what it all boils down to is this - Take it or Not?
Cannabis, the mind altering, class B drug. Class B? I thought it was class C! Well, you thought wrong. It was demoted from class B to class C on January 29th, 2004. But as of 26th January, 2009, those meddling politicians have changed the cannabis rating to class B. Confused? Oh, well...
See, cannabis was so harmful, the government actually regretted having degrading cannabis so they put it back on its worthy throne. By now, you have probably guessed I am not making a speech to legalize cannabis.
In fact, I wouldn’t dream of legalizing it! Unfortunately, some guy didn’t think so...
Ian Barry says he wasn’t being the class clown when he took a spiff of marijuana on June, 2009, nor was he pulling an incredibly stupid stunt. The 17-year-old says he was only standing up for what he believes in but he might have got carried away, in my opinion. He simply wanted to push forward the message of his persuasive speech – marijuana deserves to be legalized.
Yes, I know you’re itching to know what happened. So, Ian got a speech project on legalizing cannabis and, well, he poured his heart and soul over it. What was to be a 2 page essay, turned into 7 and then to 15 pages! Which reminds me, this has to be less than 3 pages long.
Ian had been taking pot since the age of 12 and strongly agreed with his perspective of the speech. So, at the presentation assembly, half way through his speech, he took out a weed, lit it, and continued reading, taking a spiff here and there.
At the end of his speech, he was led to the principal’s office and then, yeah, you guessed it, to the police station. He still stands by what he did and says “I see myself as someone who holds himself to a high moral value. I stand up for what I believe in.” despite the judges indecision as to whether Ian should be allowed to continue his education.
So you see, even while being illegal, cannabis has managed to destroy a life, just like that (click finger...). He has not only wasted his life on a worthless cause, but also may have encouraged others to follow in his footsteps.
And you still don't know the worst of it! For example, a single cannabis smoked equals the same effect as smoking 4 cigarettes at the same time. Even though it is less addictive, containing less nicotine than cigarette, the fact that it rapidly starts off long-term diseases like asthma and bronchitis more than makes up for it.
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