Canonsburg Middle School Case Study

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What if a child missed out on an opportunity to pursue a high-paying career in a very broad field simply because their middle school never introduced it to them? If Canonsburg Middle School were to cut its technology classes, this could likely be a student’s fate. The technology industry is a very lucrative field, with a myriad of careers including as engineering, woodworks, and programming. However, if we did not have those classes, students may not discover a possible passion that deals with this area. Without a doubt, Canonsburg Middle School should keep its technology program, as they could lead to high-paying careers, teach students how to simultaneously handle criticism and take pride in their work, and teach valuable problem-solving skills. …show more content…
While it is important for students to follow their dreams, it is imperative that they consider income when choosing a career path. Many of these fruitful professions lie in the technology department. According to Glassdoor, Inc., a programmer receives up to $115,000 every year. In the engineering industry, the highest annual income is reported as $112,000. Furthermore, as a carpenter, one could bring in as high as $73,000 every year. All together, the earnings for these three careers average out to $100,000. That’s quite a massive sum, considering the average household income in the United States is nearly $52,000. Certainly, there are other occupations in these areas that earn higher than the previously mentioned wages. In conclusion, the technology program in our school should be preserved, due to the multitude of high-paying jobs in this