Essay on Cantabery Tales Modern Prose

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The female worker stands behind the counter at the t-shirt shop. She has long extensions in her hair; the skin is perfectly tan. She is buff like no other and her arms are quite hairy. From that description of her, she is a guidette. She stands behind the counter at the t-shirt shop bored as hell. The 26 year old just hates her job. The customers walk by and she has no means of helping them. All she can think of is getting out of the shop so she can get ready for the club that night. This guidette loves to party hard. She goes out to clubs every night. She gets all “dolled” up. The normal attire is a short dress with a low cut to show off her assets. It is only 1:00 pm and she still has 3 more hours of work left. Her boss let her go take her lunch break. She starts to head to Wal-Mart to see and she can eat there. The Guidette walks at least a mile and a half to the closest Wal-Mart. She walks into the store notices there is a McDonalds in the Wal-Mart. She decided to go eat at McDonalds. This guidette is cheap and rather spend her money on alcohol. She walks in to the restaurant and she sees the McDonald’s spokesman taking orders behind the counter. The black teen is wearing a clown outfit to mimic Ronald McDonald. She can just tell he hates his job. He takes the orders from the customers in a monotone voice. The guidette walks up the sad cashier. He asks for her order. She gets the normal; a cheeseburger and a Coke. She gets the money out of her wallet. She gives him the money to him and she just looks at him. They stare at each other for a good minute. They just stand there. She can tell he totally hates his job. He doesn’t want to be there right now. She now knows that they are other people in the world that hate their jobs too. He gives the girl her change back. She takes her lunch and goes sit at a table. She keeps staring at him while he works. The guidette tries to think whose job sucks worst; hers or his. She is inhaling a burger while thinking. The girl finishes her lunches and walks back to work. She ponders really hard about life. People sacrifice many things to do well in life. She finally realized her life didn’t suck and she was just lazy. When she got back to the shop, she starts helping the customers. She becomes a great employee at the shop. That teen at McDonalds really changed her life.

The teen wakes up in his room. He doesn’t want to go to work at all. He is just a teen that is working at a low paying job trying to get through college. He works at the best fast food restaurant in the world; McDonalds. He hates is but he is just trying to make his mom happy so she can watch her kid walk down the aisle at graduation. The teens name is Roberto but many people…