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English 4

The Knight’s Tale

Setting: Athens, Thebes

Part 1
• Theseus on his way home • Women crying

• Theseus battle Creon
• Palamon and Arcite imprisoned • Both fell for Emily
• Arcite released
• Returns to Athens

“By my skull, love is a greater law than can be given to any man on earth.” -Arcite

• Palamon escapes prison
• Palamon and Arcite run into each other
• Palamon and Arcite fight
• Theseus stops fight
• Palamon snitches
• One year =100 knights
• Theseus builds stadium

“Against his might no obstacles can help; well may he be called a God by reasons of his miracles, for every heart he can make what he will.”
“ The God of love paid their wages and their rewards for serving him!”

Part 3
• Prayers:
• Palamon toVenus for
• Emily to Diane for her virginity • Arcite to Mars to be victorious • Venus and Mars conflict
• Jupiter and Saturn the mediators “ Chaste Goddess, you welll know I desire to be a maiden until I die, never do I wish to be a lover or a wife.” -Emily

Part 4

Battle begins
Palamon is captured
Arcite gets injures
Arcite last words to
• Palamon left in mourning • Theseus has an idea
• Palamon and Emily wed

“This world is but a thoroughtfare full of misery, and we pilgrims that pass back and forth; death is and end to every pain and greif in the world.” -Aegeus

The Miller’s Tale

Setting: Oxford

I. Plot
• Nicholas and Absolom like John’s wife
• Nicolas is married and lives with John

• Nicolas convinces
Alison to have and affair
• Absolom tries to win her over with songs
• Nicolas wants more time with Alison

II. Plot
• Alison and Nicolas
“Often the things of love convince John there will he defied, and wept as a be flood child that is beaten.”
• The same night Absolom goes to her window asking for a kiss
• He kisses something else

• Absolom wantes to brand her
• Brands Nicolas

III. Part
• John uses axe to cut the rope • Crashes into floor

• Nicolas and Alison ran into the street for help
• They tell the neighbors about the flood plan
• Everyone laughed at

The Reeve’s Tale

Setting: near Cambridge

I. Plot
• Simkin the Miller

Cheated people of their wheat and corn
Wife is rich and from nunnery
Daughter 26 and 6 month old baby

• Simkin stole a lot more from a King’s Hall at Cambridge

II. Plot
• John and Alan bet the miller could not steal corn from them
• They watch their corn being ground
• Simkin unties their horse
• John and Alan chase after their horse
• Simkin’s wife bake’s flour into cake and hide it

III. Plot
• Alan and John stay up all night
• Plot scandalous things

• Alan climbs into Simkins bed by mistake
• Confessing

Simkin punches Alan
Wife hit Simkin in the head
Alan and John beat up Simkin
Leave Simkin property and gets hidden cake

“An evil doer should not hope for good deeds.”

The Man of Law…