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1. Table of Content. (1 Page). (5 marks)
2. Executive summary (1 Page). (5 marks)
3. Introduction (Approximately 1-2 pages). (5 marks) Every restaurant should be updating their focus in a more technologic marketing strategy. Los tacos de Mauro should not fall back on its social media strategies because these strategies will catapult the restaurant into a bigger market. We formulated an event that will assist in meeting the objectives. Our objectives are to expand and improve the social media networks, to increase profit, and gain new customer awareness. We hosted a valentines day event to increase profit, promote the new social media strategies and create restaurant awareness. We prepared a latin event that was held at the restaurant Los tacos de Mauro was established 2011 and has been a steady business. Mauro, the owner has been able to manage, become the chef and the financial assessor, with some help from his friends. This business is his crown and glory of Mauro. Through the years he has been able to make friendships and business relations that help the restaurant grow.

4. Analysis of the Marketing Situation (approximately 6 to 8 pages, excluding any associated appendices). (20 marks) The market demographics for Los tacos de Mauro are byward people. Los tacos de mauro has a geographic location that helps it out because it is by the byward market yet it is sort of hidden so not a lot of people can reach it. it's definitely a place where you look to find because it is an upstairs restaurant with little to no advertisement.
Ottawa is becoming a significant point of entry into Canada for immigrants from around the world. Statistics Canada data show that immigrants to Canada tend to settle mainly in big cities. Immigrants who settle in Ottawa are attracted by high-paying professional jobs or post-secondary studies. They are typically more educated, earn higher wages, and have higher levels of employment than immigrants who settle in other cities. Ottawa also receives the highest percentage of refugees and family-related immigration of any major Canadian centre.
Between 1996 and 2001, Ottawa welcomed almost 25,000 immigrants from around the world. Recent immigrants - those who settled here in the past 10 years - make up 6.8% of the population, up from 4.2% in 1981. There are 70,500 recent immigrants now living here, representing the fourth highest concentration in the country. Market needs
The current Ottawa market offers a diverse community where restaurants and retailers are meeting their changing needs. The market situation changes the market needs of people. Market Trends
Los Taco De Mauro’s location in the vicinity of the Byward Market is surrounded by a diversified array of restaurants with cuisine varying from around the globe. A trend that has been taken on by many existing and new restaurant owners is to cater to the new wants and needs of consumers when it comes to the food they eat. Consumers are more willing to be open about what they eat when it comes to diversifying their palate – the more interesting and healthy savvy it is the more willing consumers are to try new foods. Consumers are beginning more than ever to become aware of the health benefits in what they eat paying more attention to what the restaurant is serving. Restaurant owners diversifying their menu is a great way to pique customer’s interest, owners need to be more conscience of what they put on the menu by being aware of the trends that are taking place, but as well as find a way to be more creative with what they serve.
The table below is a list of the top 5 food trends and alcohol trends done by the National Restaurant Association surveying 1300 professional chefs on what they predict trends will be and how it will affect the development of their menu. In local Ottawa the restaurants surrounding Los Taco De Mauro are beginning to attain and cater to these trends for consumers, Los Taco would need to develop or