Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment 3
United States government needs to go the opposite way because the United States government is in a lot of debt with other countries because of the wars. Many people can be wrongly accused of committing crimes and given capital punishment. “More then 170 people have been exonerated by DNA testing after being misidentified before conviction. In most murder cases there is no DNA present, only 10% of all murder cases there is DNA available (Cardozo).” If America doesn’t completely abolish capital punishment or at least slow down the process of convicting and executing there will be plenty more wrongfully killed and then the government will start to be sued and look worse for not ending this earlier. “Already 123 people on death row has been released with evidence that showed there innocence (Cardozo).” Once a wrongfully killed is executed then the case is closed, and the real criminal has gotten away free. They have avoided being charged and now can commit more crimes. Daniel Wade Moore was convicted and found guilty of the murder and sexual assault of Karen Tipton in 2002 in Alabama. The jury sentenced him to a life sentence but the Judge overruled and made it into a death sentence. After three more trials they found evidence that later exonerated Mr. Moore and the jury changed their verdict to not guilty (Amsterdam). The United States legal system isn’t the best and could improve by a substantial amount, so therefore they do make mistakes and put innocent people in jail. Sometimes even on death row so abolishing the execution of criminals would be a good idea because it would save those that don’t have the evidence yet to make them innocent. Capital punishment is the consequences of committing a crime and paying for it with ones life, also know as the death penalty. The death penalty is not a good weapon Capital Punishment 4 against criminals, it does not deter them from committing