Capital Punishment Research Paper

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Capital punishment is the legal process where a person may have to pay the ultimate price with death. Many countries have abolished capital punishment, and these countries seem like they are on the right path. They think nobody deserves death no matter the circumstance or do they? Capital punishment is like a double edge sword. The motto, "Eye for an Eye" is that really justice or murder. In the victim's eye, that is justice but for the convicted family members nothing but murder. How do we justify murder in our legal system?

If our legal system convicts someone of murder with the capital punishment, why not sentence to death immediately. Do we really need to prolong the time if there is not doubt that they committed the crime? What purpose does that serve? The victims of the family never have closure. If they took the life of another human being, why should theirs be spared? But what if later, evidence proves the innocence, is that really justice being serve. The justification one life for another will always be debatably.

Our prisons are over populated with people sitting on death row. The overwhelming cost to the tax payers is astounding. It would make sense, if the person who committed the crime pays for the crime with his or her life and not sit on death row for years abusing the legal system, and every single loop hole. In the same sense, what if the person is wrongly convicted and again the legal system loop holes puts an innocent person to death. Who could live with knowing you executed the wrong person? Nowadays, accusing the wrong individual is highly unlikely, since the United States has an assortment of advanced technologies and top notch investigators.

Long term and harsh imprisonment could be the solution. If the sentence was more than just being locked up with a warm bed to sleep in, three square meals a day and free medical/dental. Prisoner need to experience hard labor as they did in the old days. If we ran the prisons and not the let