Capital Punishment Essay

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Socrates was presented with the argument that he should escape from jail. Socrates friend came to visit him to try to get him to understand why it was so important for him to escape from jail. The first premise was that if he didn’t escape that Crito would be shamed by allowing his friend to be put to death. This premise was weak for the simple fact that this is what Crito thought would happen and possible a facally that he use so that Socrates would escape. The second premise was telling Socrates that he needs to escape to take care of his children. This premise was strong not sound, because indeed if Socrates did escape he still would not be able to raise his children. He would more than likely be separated from his children and running for his life. Crito’s argument:
1. People will think less of Crito because he didn’t help his friend or convince his friend to escape.
2. Socrates would be leaving his family behind to care for themselves.
3. Therefore Socrates should flee from jail.

One counter argument that Socrates made was that if he did escape from jail than he would be breaking the agreement that he made with his city. This is Socrates’ argument:

1. I’ll break and agreement
2. Breaking an agreement is unjust
3. If one is unjust in the things they do it harms their soul
4. He would rather die than to live with a should that has been
Conclusion: Therefore, I should stay in jail and accept the death penalty And his