Capital Punishment Research Paper

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Capital Punishment Crime is something that has been in our society forever. News channels are filled with the latest crimes, and is part of our daily lives. Crimes are characterized from minor to murders, making penalties that are given to each individual criminal different. That's what makes the law far from black and white. Eliminating as many crime's as we can is our duty to keep our society safe. Punishment cannot be ignored, and is important in helping to abolish as many crimes as possible. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty as a punishment is the ultimate punishment. Is it right for everyone? No, definitely not. Is it right for anyone? That is the question that we have been debating since the law was first enforced. I can't support the idea of killing a person even if they have killed someone else. However, for the serial killer or a child molester that results in a death, killing out of personal enjoyment makes them a risk for everyone and doesn't deserve to live in a place that we do. Capital punishment keeps human life on a pedestal and is needed to ensure the respect of the law along with safety of human beings. First off I would like to make the point that every situation is different. Including every criminal is different. Kant, a believer in punishment, supports the phrase "an eye for an eye". In his first point talks about retribution and proportionality which means the punishment must fit the crime. The amount of pain he or she has brought upon someone should be dealt upon themselves. However, desert, or deserving to be put to death for the death of another does make it morally acceptable or not. There is no way to prove that the death penalty stops crimes. However, the fear of dying is in all of us. Therefore, the death penalty must work. As we all know our prisons in the United States are overly populated. Most criminals that are granted with the death penalty die from natural causes in prison before the time comes. Therefore, the death penalty is not fixing the problem of overpopulation. Some even remorse and change their state of mind and know they did wrong. So why don't we replace the death penalty with life in prison? I do believe people can change and should get a chance to change their ways from spending time in prison. However, this idea is tricky due to the manipulation of criminals. One violation shame on them, but if they do not change and reenact there ways it is a shame on us. Dyeing can be seen as the easy way out, if someone killed a loved one of mine I would want them to suffer to know they did wrong. However, life in prison would only bring fear upon me knowing they are sitting in a cell, living and breathing with the potential idea of them getting out. However, the worst of the worse is hard to believe they could change. For example, Bin Laden could you forgive such a horrible convict? I do not believe I could. Therefore, rehabilitation is questionable. Should have Bin Laden been killed? Should we have been so excited and proud to have killed him? The day he was shot by our military officials, the world rejoiced. However, if we would have kept him hostage we would live in fear of people trying to save him. Therefore, the killing of Bin Laden was necessary. So this means in certain instances we need to be able to kill the worst to keep our society safe. Life in prison or the death penalty, what would scare you more? The death penalty is used to scare criminals from committing crimes, this is called deterrence. Deterrence is the main reason we validate the death penalty. It is used to create fear in people to stop crime. By having capital punishment it reduces the number of murders and crimes. Life in prison cannot guarantee that inmates will not commit further acts of crime. There needs to be a greater punishment to deter crime and decrease population in prisons. Tax payers are spending their money on allowing these criminals to live, sleep on a bed, a