Capital Punishment Essay

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Sentence to Death

Capital Punishment has always been a controversial topic in American history. From the Salem Witch Trials of burning individuals accused of practicing witchcraft, to lethal injections for persons found guilty of a heinous crime. These sentencing are based on the ancient quote/belief, “an eye for an eye” meaning if a person killed any other person then he should also be killed. Capital punishment was also established to detour criminal activity and to protect society. I believe that capital punishment is necessary in order to maintain a healthy society and to uphold America’s values and beliefs.
Some argue that the death penalty is not a necessary punishment once a person is convicted of a crime. They claim that capital punishment is very hypocritical since the system is condemning the person for murder, yet condoning the legal killing of the convicted person. Other opponents of the death penalty state that once a person is convicted of a crime and taken into prison they're live becomes hell on earth, and the likeness of them surviving their sentence prior to their execution date is very small in. Another claim death penalty advocates have is that the process in which a person is executed is cruel and inhuman. While their arguments may have some validity, capital punishment is still essential in adequately punishing a person for their crime. I believe that there are two main reasons a person should be put to death for their convicted