Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital punishment goes against humanity. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty uses techniques that undermine humanity. When undertaking capital punishment, the process involves hanging, firing bullets, slaughter, inducing death through drugs and any other way causes psychological torture and physical pain. Humanity requires that people treat others with the respect they deserve, even when they have done mistakes. Capital punishment does not show any signs of respect. The whole process functions as more of a revenge rather than punishment. Punishment should offer a corrective measure to the individual who has committed a crime. It should make the person who committed a crime understand that they did a wrong thing. They have to understand their mistake and take the punishment that works towards changing them so that they do not commit the same offense again. Humanity involves giving people a second chance to do something in a better way.

However, it is paramount to note that death penalty helps in solving overpopulation in prisons and preventing future occurrence of similar crime. It's known worldwide that if a prisoner escapes from cells he is capable of claiming the lives of many. It's also agreeable that when death penalty is eliminated then the only option left will be housing the criminal for life in cell, This implies that the resources to cater for these very offenders should be doubled ranging from prison guards, food, clothing and many others

Although, Capital punishment does not offer people a chance to correct their mistakes, it involves ending the life of people; it shutters their dreams and does not give them a chance to prove that they did the wrong thing. Sometimes the court convicts people for the mistakes they did not do just because they could not prove their innocence. It could be fair for people in such circumstances to have a second chance to prove their innocence. Capital punishment does not offer them that chance. Therefore, capital punishment is inhumane in all considerations. Sometimes, people commit crimes mistakenly. Legal systems become inhumane when they do not offer people in such situations a second chance and decide to end their lives through capital punishment.

Any person has a right to life irrespective of the offense he or she has committed. For instance, in a case where a person has killed another person with intention or not, the legal systems should not punish the person with the use of capital punishment because that functions as revenge. Human rights prohibit revenge and any form of killing whether as a punishment or not.

Capital punishments cause family suffering. People who provide basic needs for their families can commit crimes that may call for the use of capital punishment. Such people provide almost everything for their families. This becomes complicated when persons involves have children and take care of them as single parents. In case these people commit crimes punishable through capital punishment, they leave their dependants in compromising situations. For instance, when a single mother who has children below the age of ten commits crime and becomes convicted