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Step 1. Capital Punishment Collins Question
Answer the following question in at least 3­4 lines. Is capital punishment necessary? Of the two statements below, which do you agree with?
Explain your answer.
● Statement A­ Yes, capital punishment deters crime and gives closure to the families of victims. ● Statement B­ No, capital punishment has not been proven to deter crime and it opens the possibility of executing innocent people.
I agree with statement a because i believe that you should get “ an eye for an eye”. I think that if you kill someone that you should be killed, nobody deserves to be killed unless they kill or rape, thats what believe. The victim's family will also feel justice if there is a strong punishment. Step 2. Article Summary
Use the link below to access an article about capital punishment. Choose a side. If you chose “YES”, read the “Studies Confirm: Death Penalties Deter Many Murders at Far Less
Cost” . If you chose “NO”, read the “How to Kill the Death Penalty”. SIRS: Is Capital Punishment Necessary? Once you have read the article, summarize it in at least 5­6 lines. Try to focus on the author’s thesis or goal, and the evidence he/she uses to achieve that goal. The thesis of this article was that it is worth the price for the death penalty, other than paying more for them being in prison. The cost of the death penalty is between the prices of

Step 3. Article Questions
After reading and summarizing the