Capital Punishment Research Paper

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Imagine this your brother is accused of murder. He is innocent but they convict him anyway and they execute him. Later on they realize he is innocent. How would this make you feel? Capital punishment should not legalized for the following reasons: it is too expensive, no one has the right to take a life and it could kill innocent people. Capital punishment is too expensive. I say that it’s too expensive because you would be wasting two million dollars to execute someone and not teach anything to them about what they did wrong. It also is expensive because of the time they have to wait in prison until there turn is up which is about 20 years and for each year youre wasting up to $70,000. That means you have already wasted 1,400,000 dollars then you have another $1,000,000 to execute them so in the end you approximately waste $2,400,000 all for nothing. That is why I think capital punishment should not be legalized because it is too expensive. Capital punishment has no right to take a life. In my opinion I think no one has the right to take a person’s life no matter what the circumstances because then people will not learn that killing is not right and it won’t teach anyone that the crime the person did is wrong and illegal. Sure it will help prevent the crime from repeating as much and it will stop for a while because people who are thinking about committing that crime are scared but after a while they will forget about it and do it anyway. So I think they should come up with a different solution like giving them a long term sentence in prison and have them go to classes and counseling sessions help them rehabilitate, think about their decisions, to help them change their ways and attitude, to help them forget their crime lifes and never do it again, not to kill them and pretend it’s all solved because it’s not because other people will think it’s OK to do those things and nothing will be fixed. So I say capital punishment is wrong because no one has the right to take another person’s life because its like saying that I robbed a bank I should be executed because its wrong what I did. So capital punishment has no right to take a life. Capital punishment could kill innocent people. In my opinion capital punishment is wrong because you could get the wrong person that didn’t do anything and put him or her on death penalty and he or she would lose a big chunk of his or her life while the real criminal is out and about committing that crime multiple times