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Capitalism Is…

America is a largely capitalist nation. There are no countries that are 100% capitalist, which is a good thing. If a country was completely capitalist, the people of that country would not get the help and support that they need. It would be unreasonable for a government to just leave its people to their own problems. If anything, a country should be more socialist than capitalist, but I also understand why a fully socialist economy would not be good.
Capitalism allows for people and entrepreneurs to make their own decisions. This means that people make their own money, and can spend it in their own ways. If the government were to take more money from the upper class who have “made their own money” and gave it to help the poor, that wouldn’t really be fair for the upper class. However; most of the time, the upper class has made its money from investing and inheritance. People in lower classes don’t have that same sort of access to connections and family money. They have to work their way up, which is not easy with the means they are given. It doesn’t seem fair that the lower class should be working their butts off for measly living conditions while the upper class sits back and relaxes in their private jets.
Capitalism helps create a more materialistic society as well. When wealthy people can hold onto their money, they buy many more things than is necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. Somehow an estate in Montana, a