Essay Capitalism Socialism Communism

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Capitalism Capitalism is indeed a great way to distribute goods to other countries. It will provide you with the money you earn from the goods. By using capitalism, you promote jobs and economy. When you trade with another country, it potentially increases your relationship with that country, therefore less war. In the end, it lowers the amount of human labor. However, such capitalism can raise taxes. Capitalism can create an unbalance to society, some people get rich, and others suffer. Capitalism tends to rely on the big businesses to raise money for the government. Such acts can lead the economy to go boom. Creating a multitude of bad out comes.

Socialism Its good for the obvious reason, everything is equal and fair. That means everyone is equal and happy. There are none or few homeless. The economy doesn’t have to keep track of big businesses. This also promotes equal rights. The problem with this is there is no reason to work harder. In school, there is no reason to try to study harder if everyone is equal. Socialism just creates a larger government. It makes it so the government owns everything you have. In a way, it promotes laziness. My final reason is that it doesn’t differentiate people. Since everyone is equal, there is no point of being an Albert Einstein and solving great puzzles.

Communism Communism is like the French Revolution without estates. Kind of like socialism. Except, the extreme of socialism. Classes are absolutely abolished. The good…