Capitalism: a Benefit to Industrialization Essay

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Capitalism: A Benefit to Industrialization
Throughout history, we have seen changes in the economy. We have seen new inventions to make our daily lives better. However have we ever stopped to try and think how these inventions came along? But I found out something interesting- the change in the society that we live in is the reason for the different innovations. And Stavrianos has a great explanation that I agree with. In Stavrianos’ Lifelines from Our Past: A New World History his account for the differences in European society and Asian society is the formation of capitalism. The formation of capitalism is what caused Europe to become “the worldwide leader in innovation” passing Asia. Asia isn’t a capital society, they He states “Capitalism’s basic competitive drive brings on bursts of technological and institutional innovations, and with these comes increased productivity.” This shows that because of Europe’s capitalism society, they came out on top because they had ways of expanding on ideas. This is where we get the idea that capitalism is making money from money. When there was a new invention, people would use that invention to come out with something better and bigger to make our lives easier. Because of this the economy was better, giving Europe that advantage. Asia on the other hand, they stuck with their tributary society. They kept their traditions. For example in one reading we read about someone seeing a ghost or spirit giving them advice and they made fabric; and from that they made more fabric. Though Asia was trying to practice capitalism, it didn’t work, because people still wanted to keep their old ways. They wanted to practice what their ancestors and left them to do. I agree with, Stavrianos’ account for the differences in European society and Asian society is the formation of capitalism one hundred and ten percent. I agree with this because if you think of this situation in terms of the